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Surveillance Initial

If the investigation starting point is within 20 kilometres of the suburb of Vermont VIC (Eastern Melbourne) then we offer an initial surveillance package of 10 hours on the job, for a capped price of $1,100 (incl. GST).

This enables you to select up to three separate periods of observations such as 3 hours + 3 hours + 4 hours and included in the price is all return travel, on the job travel (providing they remain with a 50 kilometre radius of Vermont), telephone updates, and a report log (where required) including observations and media obtained.

Full payment is expected up front and the times and days that observations are undertaken are entirely at your discretion.

This is an ideal package for someone who is not sure, but wants to undertake an initial period of observations, whilst containing their outlay.

Our rates and charges are quite reasonable and we do not have a minimum 4 hour charge out period like many of our competitors.

Please feel free to call to discuss strategies.

Peter Nash
Mobile: 0418 581 882
Email: peter@absolutefacts.com.au