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Corporate Profit Protection

We can establish the level of activity, methodology and client base of a competitor. Superior knowledge of rivals offers a legitimate source of competitive advantage.

Profiling facilitates this strategic objective in three important ways:

First, profiling can reveal strategic weaknesses in rivals that the firm may exploit.

Second, the proactive stance of information services will allow the firm to anticipate the strategic response of their rivals to the firm’s planned strategies, the strategies of other competing firms, and changes in the environment.

Third, this proactive knowledge will give the firms strategic agility. Offensive strategy can be implemented more quickly in order to exploit opportunities and capitalize on strengths. Similarly, defensive strategy can be employed more deftly in order to counter the threat of rival firms from exploiting the firm’s own weaknesses.

It is common practice in business to create detailed profiles on each of your major competitors. These profiles give an in-depth description of the competitor’s background, finances, products, markets, facilities, personnel, and strategies.

We are experienced, professional and thorough in providing information services for business.