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Absolute Facts! intends to resolve any of your investigation or information gathering problems or concerns in a prompt, discreet and professional manner.

Absolute Facts! has experience in a broad range of situations that require our discreet and professional services. These situations range from domestic disputes to insurance fraud, and we offer the highest quality in video and audio surveillance, as well as checks of a wide range of data bases that we can access.

Most investigation firms have a minimum charge out period of four hours however, we do not and only charge for the time taken to and from the agreed charge out point and whatever time is spent on the job.

Our investigators do not carry weapons. Our services aim to be totally discreet and we avoid any situation that would involve physical contact with our Subject.

Absolute Facts! has access to a number of vehicles which suit most occasions. These include sedans, vans and motor cycles.

In Victoria, private investigators (otherwise known as Inquiry Agents) are required by law to be licensed. This license basically enables an investigator to be in a public place and to surveil a person without being accused of stalking. The rights of an investigator vary from state to state and we recommend contacting the head private investigation authority in your state for information on rights.

Our activities are extremely discreet and therefore we rarely raise any suspicion that we are surveilling a particular person or place. In the situations where we feel that the Subject might becoming aware of our presence, we can usually cease surveillance before the Subject has the opportunity to confirm their suspicions. We rely on our professional experience for when such situations occur.

Whenever possible, we inform the local Police of our presence and general activities. We respect confidentiality when dealing with files and do not specify details, such as names or house numbers to Police, unless legally bound to. We also respect curiosity of neighbours during our surveillance and when approached, we deal with questions as delicately as possible and under no circumstances would we confirm who or what we may be surveilling.

We handle every file we receive with the highest degree of respect and confidentiality possible. The majority of cases are often fragile and involve personal circumstances for our clients. For this reason we treat each file delicately and thus partake in our activities discreetly. A good measure of our professionalism is the high degree of repeat business that we experience.

We are constantly updating our equipment to bring the best and quickest results technology allows us. We have access to good quality and range video equipment, audio equipment and computer related software.

Our fees vary depending on the type of job and travel required to arrive at the job. Please contact us to discuss our highly competitive rates.

Absolute Facts! is contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our investigators are on standby to deal with any situation at the earliest convenience.