Absolute Facts!

Business Investigations

In service organisations, losses include more than just stock-loss. Staff cheating on timesheets and job billing, running their own business on your time, taking days off when not sick, can cost thousands of dollars a year. Not only that, but cheating can risk your hard-won customer relationships.

At Absolute Facts! we specialise in staff activity reporting providing detailed results as to staff attentiveness to your business, to assist you in maintaining a service or sales force that operates to the high ethical standards that you require.
Confidentiality and discretion are keystones of our corporate policy.
By way of a general guide we refer you to the types of service we offer:

Credit Inquiries:
We conduct credit checks on any person and entity, including those in respect to bankruptcy, defaults, judgements, litigation involvements etc.

Debt Collection:
We can assist in the field of debt collection, in respect to undertaking negotiations in an unbiased manner, to ascertain the debtor’s stance, likelihood and ability to repay a sum owing.

Market Competitor Investigation:
In business it is always beneficial to undertake a competitor analysis, this enables you to assess strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors and what sets your product and or service apart.

Business/Company Involvements:
Extensive inquiries can be undertaken in respect to establishing what companies, entities or businesses a person may have an interest in, as well as establishing cross holdings between various entities.

Competitor Monitoring:
We can establish the level of activity, methodology and client base of a competitor.

Sales Rep Monitoring:
We can monitor sales representative activity against key performance indicators.

Lock Outs/Property Repossessions:
We navigate you through the legal minefield of securing your property or that of your clients.

Motor Vehicle and Accident Scene Investigations:
The obtaining of useful evidence in respect to those and any other insurance related matter is an area of expertise of this entity, having vast experience at dealing with insurers and assisting them to verify probity and to apportion fault where applicable.

Detailed probity inquiries can be undertaken to screen prospective business partners. These inquiries can extend into more overt approaches to former business associates, former partners and inquiries with neighboring entities, associated parties or nominated referees.

Process Serving:
Albeit this field is deregulated, it is still advisable to use person of a professional standing in such matters. Often of course locating people is required in order to serve successfully.

We can access certain databases immediately. Other searches may take up to one week.